As a metal sculptor, i like the contrast and the challenge between the raw nature of metals and the human sensibility, which is able to transform them into beauty.
It is a violent, yet indulgent, process.
Sculpting it is an alchemic journey, full of perceptions, which leads you to unveil a form that caresses the three dimensions of space but also talks about you, about your culture and your intimate identity.
For a long period, i enjoyed to sculpt light and my work acquired a bivalent soul. I began with a formal research , in which light was an element of espressive amplification to the structure, to then discover that the luminous source may be manipulated like an illusionary material, generating unusual conscious states. I started to consider it an immaterial material, intangible but concrete, full of expressive force and vibrations.
Creating light no longer signified unveiling the world, banishing dark and its mysteries, but rather adding a new calibre to reality, rich in shades and nuances, far more powerful and enveloping.
Whosoever imagined the world was divided between light and shades, cannot know the seductiveness of sunset or sunrise, twilight zones, intermediary stages of light, beautiful because of their uncertainty.
For these reasons, two decades of my artistic journey have been deeply influenced by this important element which pervades everything and justifies all.

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